Biting the Bullet

Well, I bit the bullet, crossed the “chicken line” this morning. I made the agreement with God that I will do a Daniel fast for 30 days.

So this is: Day 1.

It wasn’t an easy day — I had no idea how much opposition I would run up against. I barely, barely managed to say no to cake, cookies and coffee after church (by God’s grace only!–Sundays after church are usually a stumbling block for me). With such a hard-and-fast diet in this fast, it’s crystal clear just how strong the pull to eat sweets and indulge is, and just how much I’ve been relying on food and crave it for an emotional high when I feel even the slightest bit down.

I gotta keep coming back to hope, though. If there’s no hope in my head, then I’m out of step with the Spirit of hope Who lives within me.