War Inside Me

Well, I’m almost at the end of Day 3 of the new (yes, THIRD attempt) Daniel fast…

Day 1: OKish

Day 2: Fine except for breakfast (feeling for a brief time that I was under something religious, I had a slip — doubt is a killer)

Day 3: (today) Battling with other things led to a mess after lunch. It affects me when I do this — it’s sometimes sort of like being drunk. I need it out of my system! Thankyou God for the grace You give me to do this! Thankyou for softening the blow, so to speak!

I can do this. Those are the words repeating in my mind. I will do this.


The 30-day period of the fast is up now, and I didn’t follow through with it at all.

So here I am restarting it again. Yesterday, Day 1, was mostly OK, except for a slip at dinner and again afterwards. I need to remain in repentance as well as obedience.

This morning was a mess. But I’m going to keep going. So here’s to Day 2 – July 26th.


Take 2

The last few days

Once again, over the last few days I’ve relearned the same thing: my huge enemy is doubt. Almost every time I stuff up with eating it’s because I’m swinging back to thinking that I’m being legalistic. Legalism/religiousness is definitely an issue in my life, and has been for years. But I know what God’s said to me, and what He keeps saying to me. To chuck it all away because it might be legalism is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Day 5 (Thursday)

Gosh I can’t even remember exactly what happened today!

Day 6 (Friday)

Bailed in the morning and bought breakfast. Felt dissatisfied and wrong afterwards, and stuck out the rest of the day in obedience. It was a wonderful night! Had the privilege of leading someone to Jesus on evangelism!

Day 7 (Saturday)

All bad, all day in terms of eating.

Day 8 (Sunday)

Straight back into it after church. And the rest of the day was equally bad. But God really showed me His love and goodness tonight when I was with friends, just talking about all the ways God has answered prayer and provided and been lavish in His blessings!…